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  • Trust in D&X for your semiconductor materials.
  • We tailor semiconductor materials according to our customers’ requests and deliver them immediately.High quality&Quick delivery
  • In order to expand our business, we are constantly seeking new members to join our team.< Sales > < Office Management> < Product Management >

Thank you for visiting our company website!
Since our founding in 2008, our company has specialized in trading materials for the semiconductor industry concentrating on the concepts of “gratefulness” and “growth”, and have been welcomed enthusiastically by the semiconductor industry. Thanks to the sincere efforts of all the employees here at D&X, we have been able to meet the various requests of our customers and share the excitement of our business partners, which has kept the business strong.
In order to meet the diverse needs of our customers and continue to be at the technological foreground of the semiconductor industry, our employees work together to make true our motto of “high quality, quick delivery”.
We look forward to your continued guidance, encouragement and support.

Company Profile

Company Name D&X Co., Ltd.
Founded 8th April 2008
President Guobin Dong
Initial Capital 10 million JPY
Address 1-1-4 Nagaoka, Mizuho, Nishitama-gun, Tokyo 190-1232
Tel 042-557-2227
Fax 042-557-2228
Company Activity Sale of Semiconductor Materials



(Shinjuku Station) - [Chuo Line] - (Tachikawa Station) - [Ome Line] - (Haijima Station)

- [Hachiko Line] - (Hakonegasaki Station) - 20min on foot
- [Ome Line] - (Hamura Station) - 40min on foot / 10min by Taxi

- [Ken-O Expressway] - (Ome Interchange) - 20min by car

Bare Si Wafer

Wafer Size From 50 to 450 mm diameter
Wafer Grade Prime Wafers (customizable surface roughness, resistivity, edge, thickness, etc.)
Low Particle Wafers
Test Wafers
Monitor Wafers
Reclaim Wafers
Coinroll Wafers
Available Brands SEH, SUMCO, Global Wafers, Siltronic, SK Siltron, others
Special Wafers SOI, Epi, Glass, Quartz, Compound Wafers, etc.
Other Low haze, With/Without Lasermark (customizable code), Dopant, Orientation, Notch (Flat), Surface Condition, Metal Contamination, etc can all be customized according to the client’s request.

Back Grinding Tape

Main Features
- Strong adhesion to prevent water damage
- No adhesive residue keeps adherends clean
- Especially flat to help with grinding
- Can be used with uneven surfaces (bump wafers)
Other properties
- Reduced warping for ultra-thin grinding
- Heat resistance during grinding/polishing
- Can protect films for long periods and from heat
- Antistatic properties when peeling
- Chemical, acid and base resistance
- Protective function for high bumps

We offer two main types of tape: UV tapes which can be peeled without stress under UV radiation, and non-UV tapes designed to be peeled without UV radiation.
We can also change specifications and design new tapes especially for our customers upon request.
We also support trial production runs for small quantities. Please contact us to learn more.

Dicing Tape

Main Features
- High level of uniform expansion
- Reduces chipping
- Strong adhesive properties
- Prevents whiskers
- High heat resistance
Other properties
- Antistatic properties
- High transparency
- High elasticity

We offer UV-type dicing tapes that can be easily peeled off by reducing the adhesive strength through UV irradiation while increasing pick-up properties during die bonding.
We can also change specifications and design new tapes especially for our customers upon request.
We also support trial production runs for small quantities. Please contact us to learn more.

Recruitment Information

Position Type Sales, Office Management, Product Management
Who should apply University students who are expecting to graduate from undergraduate and graduate studies by the end of March 2021.
*Those who graduated in the last three years are also welcome to apply!
Work Location Tokyo
(There is the possibility of working overseas at one of our branch offices in the future)
Work Hours 9:00 - 18:00
(1 hour break)
Holidays Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays, Summer Holidays, Winter Holidays, Performance-related leave
Annual total: 149 days
Benefits and conditions Social Insurance/Employment Insurance/Pension etc.
Salary Base Salary 190,000JPY per month
Not including allowances
Salary increase Regular salary increase: once per year
Bonus 2-3 times per year
(2017: three times, 2018: three times, 2019: three times)